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At Ekambha we are passionate for our planet. Ekambha aims to take you back to nature for a better lifestyle. Because all the answers and remedies for a happy and healthy lifestyle is concealed in nature. We aim to give our consumers natural and chemical-free products. Every little bit counts and we believe our products can do just that for the Environment. This is a social enterprise and social responsibility organization, with its key focus on the empowerment of Women. We plan on achieving this goal by providing employment to women and thus creating a viable source of income for them. 

“Ekambha”- the word is derived from the two most powerful words of our ancient language, mainly “ekam” which means one, and “bha” which means light. However, the Buddhist textures also mention the term “Ekambha”, where it means “one supporting pillar”.

Our “Ekambha”, has been established as a partnership (LLP firm), registered in Bangalore, Karnataka. We are an organization that deals with processing, packaging, and branding of the products, and then creating a market for the same, all across the globe. We also help the farmers with their farming techniques, so that the yields that they produce are of great quality and of longer shelf life. . All these steps are taken by Ekambha with the budget which involves least and minimal costs.

We, in general, have realized the harsh reality of the Indian Society where women were deprived of basic human rights, often as a matter of tradition. In rural areas, women are generally not perceived to have any meaningful income generation capacity and hence, they are relegated mainly to household duties and cheap labor. In this decade, women are entering the job market in increasing numbers. They are showing their skills even in non-traditional sectors like production, farming, etc.

Ekambha has decided to give meaning to its name in the coming future i.e. being nothing less than the shining light or a supporting pillar in the society in this regard.


To be one of the leading social enterprises specialized and well known for its produces from organic farming and handcrafted products. Ekambha visualizes the critical importance of organic farming and handcrafted products. It understands that the demand for organic or handcrafted products is increasing every other day in the market and in the coming years, this business will lead Ekambha and the team of working women in the small scale industry to great heights.


Ekambha as a social enterprise aims to help the section of small scale working women with thestorage, packaging, branding and selling of the product under the label of “Ekambha Products”. Moreover, Ekambha also aims to provide services like that of warehouse, blending, repacking, grading, quality control, processing etc. wherever needed. The enterprise also aims to establish a long term relation with the women participants in order to help themraise their standard of living and contribute to a better purpose (or cause).

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